ReEstablish Richmond makes every choice—from volunteer and client matches to programming to events—with our values in mind. We witness these values in the communities in which we work, and we strive to mirror them back to the families and individuals who inspire us everyday.



We believe that strong communities are created when newcomers are genuinely welcomed to belong.

We want to be intentionally inclusive, celebrating differences and creating a safe space for those who have lived in fear.

We stand against racism, intolerance, and discrimination in any form.


Equity + Justice

We believe that the same opportunities should be available to everyone, everywhere.

We acknowledge the disparities and oppression faced by refugee and immigrant communities and seek to amplify their voices while pursuing wholistic solutions.

We advocate with refugees and immigrants, designing our services to reduce the barriers that prevent them from accessing community resources.


Empowerment + Self-Determination

We believe that people make the best decisions for themselves when they understand their options and have the support they need to take the next step.

We see, value, and empower the whole person and strive to practice active-listening, to meet our clients where they are.

We are committed to connecting refugees and immigrants to life-building tools/resources and walking beside them to identify and work toward their goals.



We believe that refugee and immigrant voices matter, that they possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences, and that empowerment of our newest neighbors is both good for Richmond and good for refugees and immigrants.

We strive to create opportunities for connection and education between local Richmonders and newcomers—building knowledge, fostering community, and enriching everyone.


Respect for Human Dignity + Worth

We believe that every human life is equal and worthy of respect and that every person needs to feel accepted, seen, and heard.

We strive to protect and promote the human dignity and individual, cultural, and spiritual identities of our clients. Although many of us are individually motivated by our faith to do this work, we are not a faith-based organization, and we value and respect the diverse faith systems of our clients and community partners.



We believe that our clients are entitled to be their authentic selves, and we want to be authentic about who we are so that we can communicate openly and honestly with one another.

We recognize that the majority of our leadership, staff, and volunteer base does not mirror our clients, so we strive to practice self-awareness and constantly reflect on our privileges in order to ensure that our processes and programming will center the voices and experiences of refugees and immigrants.



We believe that working together is better than working alone, and cooperating with local organizations and individual volunteers can help make Richmond a better, more welcoming place for everyone.

We are committed to building partnerships across the community, supporting one another’s efforts and increasing the chances of our clients’ success.



We believe that trust-building requires accountability, humility, honesty, and fairness.

We make sure that our practice is consistent with what we say we value and that it makes room for continuous learning, growing, and improving.



We believe that valuing and centering refugee and immigrant voices means that we continue to respond by adapting our programs and practices in innovative, sustainable ways. We value our freedom as an independent, local, community organization to do so.

We strive to identify and fill systemic gaps that hinder refugee and immigrant communities from meeting their needs. As a nimble organization with a firm foundation, we keep our focus on the humans who need our services, while acknowledging our limitations and navigating the space between our clients’ various traditions and cultures, their ever-changing needs, and available community resources.