In 2010, Patrick Braford noticed a gap in Richmond's services for refugees. Government programs assigned families to Richmond upon entering the U.S., but once they arrived, they often didn't have the resources or skills to secure adequate housing. Patrick's passion for their inclusion in the wider community led him to start ReEstablish Richmond, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on helping refugees settle into Richmond while maintaining ties to their home culture.


Patrick didn't do this work alone, of course. Partnership and collaboration have been part of our DNA from the beginning, and as Patrick shared his vision with others, people from across the Richmond community were drawn to join the team. ReEstablish Richmond would not be who we are today without their dedicated efforts.

The services that we provide have shifted over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of the Richmond refugee population, but we have never strayed from our focus of helping our newest community members make a life of their own in the River City. 



Every program is designed and presented to clients with specific strategies to meet their diverse needs. We work to support refugees and help break down the barriers along their path to self-sufficiency. See our services page to learn more.



Lack of reliable transportation is a major barrier to self-sufficiency and community integration. Our robust Transportation Program provides clients with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve transportation independence.

Employment + education


Through the use of trained volunteer mentors and our community connections, we help refugees achieve their professional and educational goals. When refugees find success in their new lives, the whole town benefits.

Community engagement


Building meaningful relationships is an important part of community integration. Through our growing Volunteer Program, we foster cultural exchange and education between refugees and their American neighbors. Our volunteers help with everything from administrative tasks to refugee mentorship. Interested in volunteering? See our get involved page.