Break Bread with us this summer

Join us as we break bread with our neighbors and learn more about the cultural wealth of resettled communities that call Richmond, Virginia home. Our first event in the Breaking Bread Series is a night of dinner, drinks, and conversation featuring a tasting menu prepared by local Afghan chefs.

Friday, July 12, 2019


Mobelux at Saunders Station

1635 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA 23220


6-7pm: Cocktails

7-9pm: Seated, family-style dinner and cultural presentation about Afghan cuisine

Ticket price includes drink, dinner, and dessert. Additional drinks and take home dessert will be for sale during the event.

Cooking cannot only balm our emotions and sustain, it is also a constant reminder of transformation and possibil­ity. Just watch things like flour and buttermilk get stirred together into a shaggy dough and then, just like that, stand tall in the oven as they become bronzed biscuits. Cook­ing shows us over and over again that we can make things happen, we can make change happen, with just our own hands. Food is metaphor personified and within that there is reaffirmation of what we can accomplish.
— Julia Turshen