ReEstablish Richmond volunteers help members of resettled communities establish new businesses. The following is a biography of Ah Char Ngwa, ReR client who is establishing her cleaning business, White Glove Cleaning. A ReEstablish Richmond volunteer will be helping Ah Char develop a website this fall. For a free estimate for her cleaning services, call or text (804) 933- 1408.

Here is a little bit about Ah Char:

Ah Char Ngwa began cleaning homes in the Richmond area in 2013 when her services were recommended to a fellow church member by her pastor at Tabernacle Baptist Church. Although originally from Myanmar, Ah Char fled the country and its oppressive government when she was 18, moving to Malaysia where her sister worked as a housekeeper. It was in Malaysia that she first learned to clean homes, working there for four years until she immigrated to the United States in 2009 under refugee classification. Ah Char describes her life in Malaysia as compared to the US as two disparate experiences: in Malaysia, “I wasn’t able to go anywhere because I was scared,” but now “I feel very free.” With this newfound freedom, Ah Char hopes to expand her cleaning business to serve more clients and hire additional employees. “I feel so happy when I can help people who aren’t able to clean their own homes make everything clean and shiny.'“ Aside from the pride Ah Char takes in helping homeowners to clean their property, the desire to give back to families in both her local community and in her home country of Myanmar also drives her to provide professional cleaning services and hardworking employees to those living in Richmond.