This past month, we did one of our favorite things: connected one of our newest neighbors to a car donation.

One of the many difficulties that new immigrants face is becoming transportation independent. ReEstablish Richmond addresses this difficulty through our transportation program. This program supports our newest neighbors at all phases of transportation independence: from learning to take the bus to connecting them with a car donation.

On September 20th, a family from Chesterfield donated a car. ReEstablish Richmond was able to connect this car to a newly arrived Syrian family. This car helped the family get to work, attend English classes, and begin to utilize the resources in the community. After the donor gave the family an orientation to the car, she wrote ReEstablish Richmond the following message: "That experience made my day and my impressionable son was thrilled to be a part of it!!"

Donating a car has a lasting impact on families, both on the giving and on the receiving end. If you have an old car in good working condition that you are ready to donate, contact Jamieson at