We are grateful to VCU Globe student, Luciano Cicero Legnini, for helping us tell the stories of the refugees and immigrants among us. Below is the story of a VCU student from Syria:

"I dream of Hiba"

The Syrian war has been an ongoing civil war since 2011 continuing still today, after almost 8 years of conflict Assad’s regime is using chemical weapons and horrific violence on his own people.

Born in Damascus Syria, Hiba Ahmed, her mother, and her 3 siblings travelled south across the border into Jordan and were processed into a large refugee resettlement camp called Zaatari in 2013. Hiba lived through the death of her father who was killed outside Homs, SyriaShe also saw many of her friends flee to Turkey and Lebanon. Hiba was in Jordan for 3 years before being interviewed for travel, where she and her family were lucky enough to be relocated to Belgium. While spending 2 years in Belgium she was given the opportunity to travel to the USA and attend VCU for a study abroad program that has allowed her to experience America for this semester before going back to her family and new home in Belgium. Hiba is grateful for the time she has spent in Richmond and is looking to come back here again one day. She is so proud to know of the efforts taken by the IRC and Reestablish Richmond in order to help families around the world experiencing struggles.