Thank you, Britta and the makers at Kamili!

ReEstablish Richmond volunteer, Britta Kelley, worked with Gorette as her mentor for almost a year when she came to us with a business idea.

“Gorette is losing her social services benefits due to time limitations and I don’t know how she will pay rent with just her factory job income as a single mom. I want to do something to help,” said Britta.

That is how Kamili was born. Kamili is new local business that employees members of the refugee community to make bracelets.

A year later, Re-Establish Richmond received its first donation from Kamili to support our community engagement program.

When sending the donation, Kelly said, “This is so fun being able to make $ for the people we love and want to support. I'm super emotional about this. All of the hard work getting Kamili off the ground is finally paying off! “

To learn more about the Kamili story and the people to make the bracelets:

To buy Kamili Bracelets: