Food is an integral part of community. The simple act of sharing a meal together starts conversations, turns strangers into friends, and opens new doors of flavors, experiences, and ideas. It implies trust and goodwill, and is one of humanity's oldest and most sacred traditions. The hospitality we are shown, and the hospitality we offer to others, is one of the most valuable gifts that can be given, no matter if we are near or far from the place we call home.  

On December 6, 2016, ReEstablish Richmond hosted “A Taste of Afghanistan”, an event during which Afghan members of the community prepared eight incredible dishes and shared their experiences as refugees. Guests were greeted by the scents of cardamom and kofta (lamb meatballs) as they took their seats and were offered Afghan tea. After a brief description of each dish was given by the women who worked to prepare it, the intimate space was quickly filled with conversation and the laughter of children as they darted between the tables. The main course was followed by firnee, a rose-scented milk pudding that perfectly compliments a clove and cumin-spiced dinner. 

After the meal, we heard about the experiences of two members of the community: Ms. Noori and Mr. Sharifi. They were both granted Special Immigrant Visas because of their work as interpreters and translators with the U.S. Embassy. They described their work in Afghanistan, and their transition to life in the U.S. They both finished their presentations with an expression of optimism for the future of their families, and their gratitude for the work of ReEstablish Richmond. 

ReEstablish Richmond is thankful for the many ways our clients enrich our community, especially with events like "A Taste of Afghanistan".