Language Interpretation

What we do: Interpret Learner's Permit preparation lessons in the native languages of refugees.

Who we need: People able to fluently speak and interpret Urdu, Dari, Farsi, Arabic, Nepali, Kinyarwanda, Sudanese, Tigrinya, or any Burmese languages.



What we do: Provide driver's education instruction to refugees so that they are prepared to take the Learner's Permit test at the DMV.

Who we need: Licensed drivers able to commit to teaching six lessons based on the Virginia Driver's Manual.


Teaching OR TUTORING English

What we do: Help refugees learn and/or practice English, usually as a supplement to their current ESL or GED classes.

Who we need: Teachers, tutors, college students with experience teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, or anyone willing to be a conversation partner.



What we do: Bridge language and culture barriers to help clients who are looking for work.

Who we need: People able to assist clients in filling out online job applications, building or honing a resume, and practicing interview skills.

Teaching use of public transportation

What we do: Help refugees learn to take public transit in order to independently attend ESL classes and get to appointments and work.

Who we need: People familiar with (or willing to learn) the local public transit system in order to help clients navigate the routes they need.



What we do: Host events to help refugees connect with each other and with other people in the wider community.

Who we need: People able to help with transportation and childcare, usually during weekday / daytime hours.

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