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There are practice questions on the DMV website. Though they’re only available in English, they can still be a valuable resource for you!

The bold text above is a link straight to the practice questions, but if you need to direct someone towards them, here’s your roadmap: Go to > Drivers/ID Cards > Learner's Permit > Practice Exams > Study and Practice Now > Driver's Study Guide > Sections 2, 3, 4, 5 > Quiz.

The work you are doing to help someone obtain a drivers license is truly life changing. Please keep a few thoughts in mind:

  • Your mental health matters! There will be moments of stress and frustration; those are extraordinarily ordinary. Take a breath, and take a break if need be!

  • Most people fail the learners permit test the first time. Sometimes learning to take the test is just as difficult as the content.

  • Your client has the right to take the learners permit test in the language of their choice! Please let us know if a client runs into an issue with that at the DMV.

  • We are here for you. Always. Please email Maura at if you need anything.

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