ESL Resources (Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning)

Hands On! A Collection of ESL Activities

Online Resources for Literacy Lessons (Delaware County Literacy Council)

English Page: This website has various lessons on verb tenses with multiple exercises includes. There are also weekly lessons that you can follow along with. The website features in-depth tutorials on various topics.

ELC Study Zone: This website has exercises that can be completed based on proficiency level. They also have a Grammar Index which includes explanations of various grammatical topics.

Purdue OWL Exercises: This is a great resource for writing and professional development. It is the most academic site of all with in-depth, scholarly explanations of the nuances of the English language. There are exercises on grammar, sentence structure/style, punctuation, spelling.

Using English Quizzes: This website features quizzes on a range of topics like parts of speech, pronouns, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, verb tense, etc. The quizzes are available online or as printable handouts.

ESL Lounge: This site includes a proficiency test that helps to determine which exercise level is the best fit. It is available as an iPhone/iPad app. The site is mobile friendly. There is also a Mark Sheet that helps to keep track of the exercises completed/proficiency.

Learning English Broadcast: Recorded stories at different comprehension levels. Improves listening comprehension. Idea: Listen together and then talk about it.

Computer Sites and Topics for Level One: To download a list of links to educational games that can be played on a computer click here.

Working with Adult English Language Learners with Limited Literacy (Center for Applied Linguistics)

Free Online English Language Resources (Refugee Center Online): Provides list of free online English language-learning resources.

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