Sight Words: This website is home to lessons for clients beginning their literacy journey. It’s a great resource for a tutor who is teaching a student reading basics!

ESL Resources (Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning)

Hands On! A Collection of ESL Activities

Online Resources for Literacy Lessons (Delaware County Literacy Council)

English Page: This website has various lessons on verb tenses with multiple exercises includes. There are also weekly lessons that you can follow along with. The website features in-depth tutorials on various topics.

ELC Study Zone: This website has exercises that can be completed based on proficiency level. They also have a Grammar Index which includes explanations of various grammatical topics.

Purdue OWL Exercises: This is a great resource for writing and professional development. It is the most academic site of all with in-depth, scholarly explanations of the nuances of the English language. There are exercises on grammar, sentence structure/style, punctuation, spelling.

Using English Quizzes: This website features quizzes on a range of topics like parts of speech, pronouns, phrasal verbs, vocabulary, verb tense, etc. The quizzes are available online or as printable handouts.

ESL Lounge: This site includes a proficiency test that helps to determine which exercise level is the best fit. It is available as an iPhone/iPad app. The site is mobile friendly. There is also a Mark Sheet that helps to keep track of the exercises completed/proficiency.

Learning English Broadcast: Recorded stories at different comprehension levels. Improves listening comprehension. Idea: Listen together and then talk about it.

Computer Sites and Topics for Level One: To download a list of links to educational games that can be played on a computer click here.

Working with Adult English Language Learners with Limited Literacy (Center for Applied Linguistics)

Free Online English Language Resources (USA HELLO): Provides list of free online English language-learning resources.

Penny Kittle’s Book Love Workshop Penny Kittle’s work surrounding instilling a love in reading in her students has changed the game for many English teachers. It’s a simple way to personalize reading for each student and promote reading comprehension.

More Penny Kittle Reading Strategies Reading builds vocabulary, job readiness, and confidence!

Vocabulary Lists

Vocabulary Building

Nouns + Adjectives

Vocabulary Lists by Topic Try labeling different objects throughout the house—if possible, get your student to do the writing!—so your student can begin to recognize more common nouns and think about their home in English.

ESL Vocabulary Quizlet

ESL Vocabulary Quizlet [500 words]

ESL Lessons on YouTube for Arabic Speakers

26 Tips for Tutors of Adults

Workplace Scenarios

Mental Health

Working with Preliterate and Non-Literate Learners

What Beginning Readers Need to Know

Your Own Professional Development

Pre-made Curriculum Ideas

Student Self Reflection  

 Beginning Work Unit Curriculum


Free! For Adults

Free! For Adults (& tutor)


Lesson Plans

Volunteer Resources

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