If a client has completed the ReEstablish Richmond curriculum for Learner’s Permit preparation, or if they have studied the Virginia driver’s manual on their own and want to take the Learner’s Permit test, the best way to be sure they are prepared for the actual test is to practice the online study questions.

How to access the online review questions:

Go towww.dmvnow.com > Drivers / ID Services > Learner’s Permit > Practice Exams > Study and Practice Now > Driver's Study Guide > Sections 2, 3, 4, 5

Quiz questions appear at the bottom of each section. Please help clients to practice all the questions in each section.

Why online review is critical to success:

If the client gets a question wrong, they will see a red "thumbs down", an explanation of the correct answer, and a chance to try again. If they get a question correct, they will see a green "thumbs up" and confirmation of the correct answer. There is no penalty for incorrect answers at this point, and these are actual questions that clients will see on the test, so the online review is a helpful studying tool.

Hundreds of practice questions are available online. The more the client reviews, the better they will be prepared for whichever 40 questions are randomly selected for their test on the computer.

The wording of the questions and answer choices can be awkward and tricky - especially for folks whose primary language is not English - and for this reason we recommend that clients become very familiar with all of the online review questions as well as the answer choices.

What to know about the Learner's Permit test:
Part 1 = 10 questions on signs and signals. The client must correctly answer all 10 questions in order to advance to Part 2.

Part 2 = 30 questions on the remaining rules and regulations. In order to pass the Learner's Permit test, the client must correctly answer 24 of these 30 questions.

Clients may take the test up to 3 times. If they fail the Learner’s Permit test the third time, they must complete the classroom portion of a Virginia approved Driver Training School program (cost to the client = $75-100) and present the Driver Education Certificate at DMV. After presenting this certificate, they will be eligible to retake the test until they pass.

Regular practice of the online review questions can help clients pass the Learner’s Permit test within their first 3 attempts.

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