Refugee and Immigrant Eligibility for Resettlement + Social Services and Community Resources

Folks on different visas qualify for different benefits and operate on different timelines. If you have any questions, click the button below. This list is a good starting point as you begin to understand the vast array of labels, statuses, and services available to our newest neighbors.

Family Moving to the United States

What is the process for a ReEstablish Richmond client to apply for an immediate family member to come to the U.S.?

STep 1

ReR client becomes a U.S. citizen. They must be a permanent resident (green card holder) for 5+ years in order to apply for citizenship.

Step 2

ReR client completes Form I-130 for the family member. The form establishes that ReR client is a citizen and that the beneficiary is an immediate family member. ReR client would submit a birth certificate as proof. Right now, USCIS charges $535 for the form.

Step 3

Step 4


step 5

The case then pends with the government for about 4-8 months, until it is approved. 

After approval, the case transfers from USCIS to the National Visa Center. ReR client then submits an online application for her immediate family member’s Immigrant Visa (green card visa), submits civil documents like birth certificates and police certificates, and shows her own taxes to demonstrate that she can financially support her immediate family member. The green card visa costs $445.

A couple of months later, the case moves to interview. ReR client's immediate family member would need to do a medical exam and attend the interview. If all goes well, she comes to the USA on a green card visa. The family then pays $220 for the physical green card