Clients are likely some of the newest arrivals you’ll meet – many have been in the U.S. for a month or less.

To help clients become familiar with the practicalities of using of the GRTC bus system. This is the first step toward transportation independence!

Bus tickets:
You and the clients will each be provided a one-day unlimited GRTC pass.

Other materials:
An envelope containing relevant bus schedules, a page of ESL-friendly directions with photos, and ReR program / contact information will also be provided for your reference throughout the orientation. This envelope should be given to the client at the end of the orientation.

Language barriers:
An interpreter may be made available to you, in person or by phone. Google Translate can also be helpful should an interpreter not be available.

Schedule of events:
Meet clients at their home and walk with them to the bus stop. Use sidewalks and crosswalks where available; encourage pedestrian safety. The destination will be pre-determined, often their resettlement agency (where they need to go on a regular basis for appointments) or the location of their ESL class. After arriving at the destination and meeting the caseworker or other contact person, retrace steps and bus routes back home.

En route:
Point out landmarks for recognizing the route / where to request a stop / where to get off. Explain how to recognize upcoming stops (the scrolling LED sign can be helpful) and how to request a stop (the yellow button or cord – different vehicles contain different systems).

GRTC drivers:
Tend to be patient, friendly, and helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance if needed, and don’t feel rushed when boarding / disembarking the bus. GRTC drivers will wait until everyone is on and paid / off and clear of the bus.

Before saying goodbye:
When you arrive back at the client's home, congratulate them on learning this new skill. Also, be prepared: You may be invited in for tea!


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