We’ve culled a collection of media that may interest you as you learn more about the diverse set of circumstances that comprise the refugee experience. If you’ve listened to or read something you think should be on this list, then let us know!


Advice On How To Be Happy From The 3rd Least Happy Country In The World

Afghanistan may be the third least happy country in the world, but its citizens have good advice regarding how to find happiness amidst pain.


Keep Calm and Cook On: On Mentorship with Hawa Hassan + Beth Linskey 

Hawa Hassan came to the U.S. from Somalia and eventually started her own small business. Along the way, she found a mentor. In this episode cookbook author Julia Turshen interviews Hawa and Beth about mentorship, food, and growth.


Reveal News: The Smuggler

Reveal spends extensive time with two men who are migrants in France as they deal with the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments in Europe.


Reveal News: Five Years on Nauru

“We unravel how refugee families destined for Australia ended up stuck in an immigrant detention camp more than a thousand miles away on the tiny island nation of Nauru. And why, after years of confinement, kids are succumbing to a surreal mental illness spreading through the camp like a contagion.”


This American Life: Taking Names

“The truly incredible story of a guy named Kirk Johnson who started a list of hundreds of Iraqis who needed to get out of their country. They were getting death threats, and he was their only hope. Only 26 and living in his aunt's basement, he had no idea what to do. How Kirk kind of succeeded spectacularly and failed spectacularly at the same time.”