In 2010, Patrick Braford noticed a gap in Richmond's services for refugees. Government programs assigned families to Richmond upon entering the U.S., but once they arrived, they often didn't have the resources or skills to secure adequate housing. Patrick's passion for their inclusion in the wider community led him to start ReEstablish Richmond, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on helping refugees settle into Richmond while maintaining ties to their home culture.

Patrick didn't do this work alone, of course. Partnership and collaboration have been part of our DNA from the beginning, and as Patrick shared his vision with others, people from across the Richmond community were drawn to join the team. ReEstablish Richmond would not be who we are today without their dedicated efforts.

The services that we provide have shifted over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of the Richmond refugee population, but we have never strayed from our focus of helping our newest community members make a life of their own in the River City. 



We strive to provide culturally appropriate services to refugees who have been resettled in Richmond. For this reason, every program is designed and presented to clients with specific strategies to meet their diverse needs. From introducing community gardening to teaching transportation independence, from tutoring in English to hosting community-building ladies lunches, from leading job readiness workshops to connecting clients with local businesses interested in hiring refugees in positions with upward mobility, we work to support refugees and help break down the barriers along their path to self-sufficiency.

Our History