You are acting as an advocate for your mentee / client at every step. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance / clarification from the DMV employee.

Upon checking in:
Ask for an application to take the Learner's Permit test. Assist the client with filling it out – or fill out for them, if necessary. This form asks for basic information like full name, address, date of birth, etc.. Be prepared to make an educated guess for height and weight or convert these measurements from metric.

Documents needed:
Legal presence – I-94 form / visa / passport
Social Security card
Residency – Lease (or sub-lease) agreement with the client's name and address listed
Driving license from home country (if applicable)

While you wait:
Use this time to review test material. The Learner's Permit test has two parts:
Part 1 = 10 questions on signs and signals. The client must answer all questions in this section correctly in order to advance to Part 2 = 30 questions on the remaining rules and regulations. In order to pass the Learner's Permit test, the client must answer 24 of these 30 questions correctly. To access practice test questions on your smartphone, go to:, Drivers / ID Cards + Learner's Permit + Practice Exams + Study and Practice Now + Driver's Study Guide + Sections 2, 3, 4, 5. Quiz questions appear at the bottom of each section.

Language options:
The Learner's Permit test is available in 22 languages, in addition to English. If the test is taken in a language other than English, the client can click back and forth to see each question in both their chosen language and English. Also, there is the option of clicking to hear the question read aloud. If the test is taken in English, no other languages are accessible during the test.

Vision test:
Press forehead against device. Keep pressure applied in order for the vision test to stay illuminated. The client must answer verbal questions to complete the vision test, reading a series of letters from left to right when prompted by DMV employee.

Head-coverings for religious purposes ARE permitted.

During the Learner’s Permit test:
No one is allowed in the testing area except those participating in the exam, but be sure that a DMV employee assists the client in launching the exam, showing them how to use the audio prompt telephone, etc. If young children are with you, prepare to keep them occupied while they are separated from their parents.


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